Thank you for visiting. Friends have encouraged me to create my own website for a long time. I believed my blog on NOLA.com (a high traffic news service) was adequate coverage for my endeavors until a friend told me how much she missed the class I taught.

The primary purpose of this site is to host several book length teaching series that I wrote between 1995 and 2001. If in-depth Bible study is not your passion click on Testimonies or Videos (in the sidebar) for lighter fare or visit NOLA’s Faith Blog. For the past year my purpose for this site has been sidetracked as I prepared a manuscript for publication. That manuscript is now a book available for purchase. Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes and Nobles websites, area bookstores will order a copy or you can purchase directly from the publisher CLICK TO PURCHASE.

I am currently writing a series called “Follow Me” for this website. The series records my observations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible.

For those who have never read my other blogs, I invite you to visit NOLA.com where you will find a wide variety of material. Pastor David Crosby’s sermons, First Baptist New Orleans, share space on Sunday’s with Jane Harvey’s Jump Start with Jane. I write about the faith and beliefs of people who live in the New Orleans area on Mondays with occasional articles about my exploits in marketing Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot. Dr. Kathy Bakers’ video series run on Tuesdays.  Retired pastor and cartoonist Dr. Joe McKeever shares his humor and wisdom on Thursdays. Pastor Frank Bailey of Victory Fellowship shares a devotion every Friday.

NOLA’s faith blog also has a number of guest bloggers: Ryan Lowe’s Get Off Your Attitude Minute;  Catholic contributor Alfred Lemmon keeps us updated about church events in the New Orleans area; Dr. Michael Sprague shares his Grace Adventures;  business man Donald Moore, CEO of Miracle Restaurant Group which owns Arby’s restaurants in the tri-state area; new for 2014 are Pastor Waylon Bailey, First Baptist Covington and his wife Martha Bailey; finally Rebecca Gernon, advocate for the deaf and author of Amy Signs.

If you have an interested in writing and publishing visit the Southern Christian Writers Guild website for writers devotions and videos of the Guild’s guest speakers.

If you would rather watch than read, I have more than 300 videos on my You Tube Channel.


Look for “Burger King” by Teena L Myers in the gift book series The Best Friend in the World, (Howard Books) a story of true friendship.

“I stomped out of the church. Threw the clipboard on the backseat of my car and slammed the door. Enough was enough, I fumbled in my purse for Advil and swallowed two, before speeding out of the parking lot.

“How dare they fire me!” I grumbled…………..


Look for “Something for Me” by Teena L Myers in the gift book  How I Met My True Love, (Xulon Press),  a story about finding love God’s way.

My morning devotion was the story of Samuel and Saul’s first meeting. God told Samuel, “About this time tomorrow I will send you a man…” Captivated by the method God used to change the course of Saul’s life, I relaxed to meditate. God directed Saul’s path to Samuel through a very ordinary way: a servant suggested that they visit Samuel.

The following Sunday, as I walked through the church foyer, a woman stopped me. I was surprised she knew my name and that I taught Sunday school. She also knew where I lived, which made me apprehensive, but I continued to listen……………………..

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