No Jerks on the Job

Amazing who you can meet sitting in a foyer waiting for your husband to finish a Vessel Traffic Service presentation. Don’t ask me to explain what my husband was doing. Ron Newton, Consultant, Author and minister, asked and found out I was clueless.

Ron happened to walk through the foyer. I happened to mention my nose was buried in my laptop because I’m a freelance writer. Already a published author, No Jerks on the Job, Ron sat down to chat. We had some things in common. Writing of course. He also found his agent as I found mine. Neither one of us were looking for an agent. It just happened. We also share a love for God and serve in ministry.

I didn’t have my recorder to capture every interesting tidbit of information Ron shared, and I’ve told you about all I can remember. I’ll let Ron tell you in his own words a little about himself. Yes, I pirated this from one of his three websites, see the links below. Sorry, no prize if you figure out which one.

“I’m a Baby Boomer, which means I’ve experienced a lot of wisdom-collecting wear and tear. Twenty of my years were spent directing a wilderness camp ministry for troubled youth. That may explain the hair loss. If not that, perhaps it’s the eighteen-plus years I’ve spent helping businesses solve continuous improvement problems with their employees.

How I traveled this life journey and managed to survive is a class II miracle. I’ve been physically assaulted by juvenile delinquents and tongue-lashed by change-resistant business bullies; both have a lot in common.

Entering seminary after forestry school, I did not picture any of this, but I was quickly shown that I wasn’t cut out for pastoral life. I’m too much the radical. 

My passion is to help improve personal and organizational lives quickly, like I accomplished with troubled kids on the camp trail. Status quo is a dirty term in my vocabulary.

I speak and write on the subject with the same fervor that once convinced defiant delinquents to behave properly. Now I use my energy to equip well-meaning business people with the skills to accomplish a values-based strategy for improvement of workers and production. Character is where your business battle is won or lost.

I may have been handed a number of tough tasks in life, but I’m blessed. For a guy who has spent much of his life confronting and improving undesirable behavior, I live peacefully in north Texas with my sweetheart wife of many years.”

About Teena Myers

Teena Myers is the Chairman of the Westbank Southern Christian Writers Guild, author of three books and a freelance writer.
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