You Forgot to Pay Me!

Teena Myers signing book for priest.

Teena Myers signing book for Father D.

“The school Donna works for is having a garage sale,” said Tina, my daughter-in-law. “I paid for the table, do you want to sell your book?”

I hesitated. Donna works for a Catholic school. My book is Protestant. Would they be offended? I’ve asked Catholic’s to tell me their story. Most decline. Three agreed. One changed her mind. The others did not give me enough information to write a decent story. I decided to believe the best. I am not offended by Catholics, so why believe Catholics would be offended by me. “Yes,” I replied and jotted down the time and address.

Saturday morning, I loaded my books into my waterproof crate on wheels and strapped a old DVD/VHS player on top thinking the player would be the only thing I sold. The complex of church and school buildings took up several blocks. When I spotted my sons truck, I knew I was in the right place and parked. The weather was gorgeous. Low humidity, with an expected high of 75 degrees. We were on a covered walk way, so no worries about rain or too much sun. A perfect day to sell books.

Donna has worked for the school for two decades and knew everyone. A man clad in black dress pants and light jacket stopped to chat with her.

He spotted my book. “This is great.” he said. “Are you the author?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I’ll be back in a minute I want to buy this book.”

I watched him walk away and wondered if he would return. Donna approached me. “That’s the pastor of the church.”

“A priest is going to by my book!” Tina, you have got to take a picture.

The priest returned and pulled a twenty from his wallet. Tina raised her phone. “Can we take a picture?”

“Yes, but no Facebook, please.” He put his wallet back in his pocket and graciously posed trusting we would honor his request. Sigh. I so wanted to put that on Facebook.

“I want you to sign the book,” he said. “I really like reading true stories.”

“I write the Faith blog for, would you allow me to write your story?”

“No, no media. I try to stay out of the media.”

Sigh again. I handed Father D his signed copy of Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot. Five minutes later it occurred to me that he did not pay for the book. “Tina, the priest took off without paying for my book.” The irony had us giggling. Donna joined us to see what was so funny. “Donna, your pastor just stole my book.” She started giggling.

I debated running after him to get my $15, but did not want to risk embarrassing him in front of his parishioners. I knew that he did not do it intentionally. He had the money in hand until I asked for a picture.

The DVD/VHS player sold next, and then Father D returned holding some beautiful bookends. “I just bought these bookends and realized I did not pay you for my book.” He handed me fifteen one dollar bills and explained, “I wanted to be sure you had enough change for your next sale.”

I didn’t have any more sales that day, but that is OK. I understand that my genre of writing does not appeal to everyone. I often pray that God will send people who will benefit from reading my book. If one book sales and that person is blessed, I count it a successful day.

About Teena Myers

Teena Myers is the Chairman of Southern Christian Writers, a freelance writer and author of three books.
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