Follow Me: A Righteous Man

CH09 starsObservations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible

Genesis 15[1]

Chapter 15 contains a long conversation between God and Abram. God promised to reward Abram but Abe’s not buy it. Everything God promised since Abram arrived in Canaan is contingent on a child. At this point, a servant will inherit Abram’s wealth when Abram dies. “What can you give me since I remain childless…” eighty-five year-old Abram complained.[2] His seventy-five year-old wife can no longer bear children making his complaint reasonable.

An honest question prompted an honest answer. God assured Abram that his servant would not be his heir, “but a son who is your own flesh and blood will be your heir.” But God was not talking about a son to inherit Abram’s earthly wealth. The son on God’s mind never inherited anything that belonged to Abram. God had in mind a son who would inherit the promises of God. Those promises gave one of Abram’s children more than Abram could imagine.

God had more on his mind than one son who could give everything to without showing partiality. He had promised to make Abram a blessing to all families of the earth. To reinforce that point, God brought Abram outside and challenged him to do the impossible. Count the stars in the sky. Abram and his son will become more numerous than the stars of the sky.

Abram believed God planned to include everyone in the fulfillment of his promises, and God credited it to him as righteousness. Abram was willing to share, and that made Abram a righteous man.


[1] All scripture quotes are from the NIV Bible unless otherwise noted.

[2] Genesis 15:2-3

About Teena Myers

Teena Myers is the Chairman of Southern Christian Writers, a freelance writer and author of three books.
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