Deliverance Delayed

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Observations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible.

Exodus 2:24-25[1]

There is a common misconception that the Hebrews[2] lived in slavery for 400 years. They lived in Egypt for 214 years, not 400. The first 100 years in Egypt they enjoyed the favor of Pharaoh and the best Egypt had to offer with one exception. The Egyptian’s religion made them second class citizens. Even Joseph, second only to Pharaoh, was not permitted to eat at the same table with Egyptians.[3]

Except for the indignity of racism, they were fine until a new Pharaoh motivated by fear afflicted them. When the Egyptians decided throwing male Hebrew babies into the Nile was a good idea, the Hebrews deliverance was born. Before Moses birth[4] God chose to spare him from death in the Nile that he might become the prince and judge to deliver his family.

They had lived in misery under Pharaoh’s rule forty years when Moses, the adopted son of Pharaoh, attempted to fulfill his calling. Moses proved his commitment to the Hebrews when he killed an Egyptian in a quest to protect them from abuse. But when he judged the wrongs they committed against one another, they rejected him.

Moses fled Egypt in fear of Pharaoh is another myth born in vain human thinking. Neither Moses nor his parents[5] were afraid of the earthly king of Egypt. “By faith he [Moses] left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger…”[6] Moses had no intention of living in the slavery his brothers had accepted. While Moses lived in faith as a free man, the generation who rejected him died in slavery.

After the king the Hebrews loved died, they remembered the God of their fathers and cried to him for help. When God heard their groaning, he “took knowledge of them and concerned Himself about them [knowing all, understanding, remembering all].”[7] God sent Moses back to Egypt. This time they will accept him.

If you are struggling in misery today, ask yourself who you are clinging to that God wants you to let go of, and who you rejected that God wants in your life.

[1] All scripture quotes are from the NIV Bible unless otherwise noted.

[2] From the time God promised to change Jacob’s name to Israel, Jacob and his descendants were addressed as both Jacob and Israel, which can be confusing. In Follow Me: Deliverance, I will use “Hebrews” to identify the children of Jacob.

[3] Exodus 43:32

[4] Isaiah 49:1, Jeremiah 1:5, Galatians 1:15

[5] Hebrews 11:23

[6] Hebrews 11:27

[7] Exodus 2:25 Amplified Bible

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Teena Myers is the Chairman of Southern Christian Writers, a freelance writer and author of three books.
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