Message Received

followFollow Me: Deliverance[1]

Observations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible

Exodus 8:1-8 [2]

Pharaoh had a week to ponder God’s object lessons and their message. Pharaoh had snakes/wisdom but God had one snake/wisdom able to swallow up Pharaoh’s snakes/wisdom. Turning water to blood throughout the land of Egypt had a specific intent. When the waters turned to blood Pharaoh would “know, recognize and understand that I am the Lord…”[3]

Eight days after the water turned to blood God sent his messengers with another warning. Allow my people to worship me in the wilderness or the land would be filled with frogs. The people were digging around the Nile for drinking water. Now they would have to remove frogs from their ovens and kneading bowls. Water and food are necessities of life. God did not remove what they needed to live, but he is making it hard to obtain.

God told Moses to tell Aaron to stretch out his rod over the rivers, streams, canals and pools of water. Pharaoh may not have been affected by the Nile turning to blood. He had servants to dig around the Nile and bring him water. He would not escape being affected by the frogs. Frogs covered the land, entered Pharaoh’s house and covered his bed.

Pharaoh’s people could produce more frogs, but they could not remove the frogs. Pharaoh made his bed and now he will sleep in it. When misery touched Pharaoh his armor cracked. “Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, “Pray to the Lord to take the frogs away from me and my people,…”.”[4]

Message received. The first time Moses and Aaron petitioned Pharaoh for a leave of absence to worship their God, Pharaoh called Moses a liar. He accused Moses of using tricks to deceived people into believing his authority came from a God. Pharaoh had a change of heart. He now knows Moses’ God is Lord and he knows he needs the Lord’s help.

[1] From the time God promised to change Jacob’s name to Israel, Jacob and his descendants were addressed as both Jacob and Israel, which can be confusing. In Follow Me: Deliverance, I will use “Hebrews” to identify the children of Jacob.

[2] All scripture quotes are from the NIV Bible unless otherwise noted.

[3] Exodus 7:17 Amplified Bible

[4] Exodus 8:8

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Teena Myers is the Chairman of Southern Christian Writers, a freelance writer and author of three books.
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