Someone’s Going to Pay

 followFollow Me: Deliverance[1]

Observations as I follow God through the Chronological Bible

Exodus 13:1[2]

While the Hebrew’s were camped at Succoth enjoying their first day of freedom God had a lot to say to Moses. First, he made a way to include those who willingly followed the Hebrews into the wilderness to worship him. He then informed Moses the Hebrews would have to pay the same price the Egyptians paid for the Hebrews freedom – the sacrifice of every firstborn male both human and animal.


When God decreed the death of the firstborn males the Hebrew’s were not exempt, but he did make a way of escape. The firstborn males who followed his instructions to remain in the house with blood on the door were spared. Any Egyptian who overcame his prejudice and spent the night in the home of a Hebrew was also spared. Why did he spare them only to inform them on the first day of freedom they are still marked for death?

How is God different from Pharaoh? Pharaoh also used death to obtain his goals. He ordered the midwives to kill male babies. When they refused to cooperate he ordered his people to cast the Hebrew’s male babies into the Nile.

God is very different from the Pharaoh’s who rule this world in his purposes and methods. God came to Egypt to keep a promise not enslave a people he feared would topple him from power. God limited death to firstborn males and made a way of escape when his judgment was executed. Pharaoh offered no way of escape when he ordered the abortion of all male babies.

God is very different from the Pharaoh’s who rule this world. He never exempted himself from the price others paid. Before he went to Egypt God knew the cost. He would bear the heavy burden of law with the death of his son. Until the time came for him to pay the debt his actions created, he placed the lighter burden of redemption upon his people.

He even delayed payment until he kept his promise to give them the land he promised their ancestors. After the Hebrews settled in the Promised Land they must give the Lord the firstborn males. The animals were sacrificed, the sons redeemed until God sent his son to fulfill the just requirements of law.

Freedom is not free. There is a way of escape from the laws righteous judgments but there is no way of escape from the debt created by ones actions. Someone will pay. Sometimes the guilty pay. Sometimes the innocent pay. The blessed have an innocent God who will pay for the guilty to be free.


[1] From the time God promised to change Jacob’s name to Israel, Jacob and his descendants were addressed as both Jacob and Israel, which can be confusing. In Follow Me: Deliverance, I will use “Hebrews” to identify the children of Jacob.

[2] All Scripture is from the NIV Bible unless otherwise noted.

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Teena Myers is the Chairman of Southern Christian Writers, a freelance writer and author of three books.
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